Local marketing on the Internet is simply using Internet marketing strategies and tactics targeted towards local companies.

Local companies should try to use the traditional methods such as sending out fliers to potential customers and clients and their geographic area.

Most companies have found that yellow pages are no longer effective and are quite expensive to use. They are looking for more effective lower-cost methods of advertising and marketing. Many successful local marketers have determined that local Internet marketing far exceeds the other methods in return on investment.

It takes some research and acquired knowledge to understand the target market that a local company should be working in. From there the marketer should do keyword research for the most effective keywords and phrases to target based upon what potential customers and clients are using to search.

Based on that data the company should develop webpages written around those keywords so that the search engines can index and display them on the search engine results pages.

Having a search engine optimized website is good but the local marketer, like the national market, needs to have other vehicles to be found by the searcher. These include keyword rich videos, blogs, articles, Facebook entries, twitter entries, and bookmarking sites as well as other Web 2.0 locations.

It’s all about getting found where the potential customer or potential client is looking.

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